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How many citations does scite have?

Citation Coverage

Citation coverage is a complicated question for us! provides both traditional citations and references (a 1-1 link between a publication and another publication) but primarily focuses on citation statements which describes each individual citation statement made between a publication and another one which can be 1 or many. As you know we classify whether those are supporting, mentioning, or contrasting, determine where it is in the paper (results, methods, ect.) and make those citation statements search able.

scite ingests millions of articles per week. In order to stay up to date you should refer to our homepage has live number. If you need specific coverage numbers email us with your request and we will be happy to get you the data as it will be much more up to date than trying to keep a comprehensive list here maintained.

To see where our citations come from see:

As of August 31st, 2021 we have:
- Citation statements available to 45, 905, 057 unique documents with a total of 891, 000, 000 unique citation statements.
- Traditional Citations to 60, 999, 410 unique documents with a total of 1, 357, 636, 336 unique citations
- We have processed over 26, 000, 000 full-text documents for citation statements.
- We have metadata and reports for 127, 818, 309 documents (which includes references, citations, retraction information, ect.)
- 85,105,483 are not open access (many many of these have links on the page to the preprint or self-archived version)
- 42, 712, 826 are open access

Our apologies if this is out of date, we try our best to keep things up to date but we ingest millisions of articles per week so it is difficult.

Subject Coverage

This is also a really hard question.

First, you should know different fields have different citation practices. The Humanities cites journal articles dramatically less than Health Sciences for example (see
So just because we might have less citations does not mean we have less coverage in a certain field Please ensure you understand this.

The best way for you to understand our citation coverage in a particular field is to check your self for journals in fields of interest at

If you were hoping for a table of publication counts by discipline and understand the cavets above, please email us at and we would be happy to provide you with those figures.
Our apologies that we do not provide more robust subject coverage data openly as they are misunderstood and go out of date too frequently.

Updated on: 08/31/2021

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