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We have a robust dataset of millions of full-text articles we access through indexing agreements with publishers and Open Access content. This data is further linked with author, affiliation, and topic metadata and can be used for a variety of insights to support your needs. In addition, scite has over 1.9 billion unique citations. scite also provides comprehensive coverage of scholarly metadata information such as authors, affiliations, journals, publishers, and more.

Previewscite is a New York based company that helps researchers better discover and understand research articles through Smart Citations–citations that display the context of the citation and describe whether the article provides supporting or contrasting evidence. scite is used by students and researchers from around the world and is funded in part by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health.
Number of journals103.0k
Journal AcceptanceJournals must be registered with Crossref or Datacite and have functional DOIs and active ISSNs for indexing
ContentBiomedical sciences, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts & humanities. Regional Citation indexes provide deep coverage in sciences, social sciences, and humanities for Latin America and Turkey.
Time Period Covered1600s-Current
Cited references1.9b All, 1.3b Citation Statements, 185.7m Self-citations
Author indexing92M
Institution indexing102.6k
Updating frequencyDepends upon source. Metadata and references are updated daily, full-texts are processed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly depending upon indexing source.
Citation analysis
Export feature for referencesYes
Alert featureYes, for new publications, citations, dashboard updates, and saved searches
Relative strengthsWorld's largest coverage of citation context that allows users to see how and why any document, researcher, or technology has been cited

Updated on: 08/21/2023

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