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scite browser plugin

The scite plugin allows you to easily see if a scientific article has been supported or received contrasting evidence anywhere you’re reading it online.

How it Works

Scite plugin does three things:

Add a little pop up on the side when you are viewing scientific articles that shows how supporting, contrasted, or mentioned the publication is. You can click this to see the full scite report.
Insert scite badges on search results, references, citations, and other on popular websites such as pubmed, google scholar, and more (see for the full list)
Verify any claim on the internet by highlighting text and seeing how it's mentioned in the scholarly literature see

How to install

Click install extension on our website or look it up in the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari extension/addon store.

How to uninstall

Please follow your browsers instructions to uninstall the plugin (ie. Chrome extension uninstall instructions).

How to Hide

In some browsers such as chrome, you can have the extension only come up when you click it.

How to hide the scite plugin

Help I am seeing double badges!

Some other website and extensions (like Lean Library) also embed the badge, if it is interfering with your reading experience you can hide the badge as above.

Updated on: 09/23/2021

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