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How can I find a citation? provides the fastest way for you to find relevant research or see how a publication has been cited. This quick guide shows you how to get started in two minutes.

Searching for citations usually means one of two things:
- How can I find an article to cite to support my research?
- How can I find out what is citing an article?

We will look at both of those to help you quickly get started with

How can I find an article to cite to support my research? How can I find a citation or reference for my paper?

This is essentially literature search or searching for a primary article.

You are looking for an article that will support or be critical of your arguments in your research or help you learn about a research question. provides two ways to do this, good old publication search and a new type of search, searching for how research questions and topics have been used in citations, called citaiton statement search. provides a unique way for you to search exactly how anything has already been cited by other researchers. By using Citation Statement Search, you can search for a topic or sentence from your paper and see what other researchers have cited when talking about the same topic.

searching for a claim "childrens screen time and depression"

Try It Now also provides a classic literature search experience at where you can go and search titles, abstracts, journals, authors, etc. to find publications on a certain topic.

What is unique about search is that it lets you see and sort publications by how they have been supported, disputed, criticized, replicated, etc. by using the citation range filters or citation tally sorts, you can filter papers by ones that have been well supported or heavily disputed, filter out retracted papers, and more.

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How can I find out what is citing an article?

Here You are looking to see what has everyone else said about an article. This is where scite really shines. It is our mission to collect together everything that has been said about a paper and let you see and read it all in one place, without needed to find and buy every article and then look through for each citation.

A scite report shows you everything that has been said about an article

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Updated on: 09/22/2021

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